Hi, I’m Fiona. I work as a peripatetic music teacher for a local authority. I’m also very involved in our local Baptist church, where I’m part of the worship leading team. In my spare time – when I manage to get any! – I love reading, preferably with a large glass of wine within easy reach.

My favourite places to visit – in no particular order – are Ullswater, the Isle of Skye and Scargill House in the Yorkshire dales.


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  1. chloefb says:

    Hi Fiona, thought I’d say hello after seeing your article in ACW this month. I had an article in it too! Mostly I wanted to say keep going with your NaNoWriMo novel. I took part in 2011 and wrote absolute trash during November, but after a year of work and several re-writes managed to produce a novel that found an agent and (after a lot of rejections) a publisher too. It was published a year ago and has sold close on 10 000 copies now. I had no idea when I started NaNo what would happen but, like you, it gave me the kick I needed just to get that first draft on paper. Good luck! Chloe. (chloebanks.co.uk)

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