A small crisis?

I had a small crisis this morning: I couldn’t access the internet as the sofa-bed in the room where we keep our  computer was occupied overnight. We also have a laptop with internet access which had been thoughtfully abandoned right next to the main computer. I do have a laptop of my own, but it’s so ancient, I’m surprised it’s not made of slate – great for when I want to get some work done, but not much help when it comes to messing about (euphemistically termed “research”) on the internet.


I’m a creature of habit. I like to have order in my life. And even though I wouldn’t consider myself technologically-minded, this morning’s experience made me realise how much I’ve incorporated modern technology into my routine.

It made me think about my other daily habits. There’s the obvious stuff, like brushing my teeth and having a shower. Then there are the “spiritual” habits. I try to set time aside each day to be alone with God, although often I’m not as disciplined in this area as I’d like to be. Besides, I’m sure that relationship with Jesus consists of much more than making an early morning appointment.


For me, developing Christ-like behaviour means learning to respond in a Godly way to each situation. When I’m confused about something, do I choose to worry, or do I ask God to help me? When another driver cuts in front of me, do I mutter under my breath, or do I thank God for keeping me safe? My Bible-reading passage this morning seemed particularly apt: Fix your eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:2.) I want to ensure that focusing on Him becomes my most entrenched habit.


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3 Responses to A small crisis?

  1. Clare Weiner says:

    So true – fix your eyes on Jesus – and, maybe strangely some may think, the last time I heard that was a coupleof weeks back, in a Catholic church where I sometimes go to pray quietly for various friends, and I’d happened on the daily morning Mass, & stayed for it…

  2. Joanne says:

    It’s one of those ‘obvious’ things about being a Christian, yet we need reminding often of that necessity and encouraged again to do it. Thank you 🙂

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